with Kalidasi

For over a thousand years in India — and throughout the world — Temple Dance was seen as the highest offering one could give to the Divine.  It represented a total union of spiritual practices as expressed through human ability.  Common thought was that the goddesses and gods danced to maintain the order of the Cosmos. Through the active meditativeness of ritualized physical movement, humans found their roots and wings — deep AND soaring personal power that helped them better understand the order danced into existence by their deities.  It was a way of emulating the forces of Nature and the Universe.
In Modern Temple Dance (MTD) Training with Kalidasi, we honor these roots and wings.  Through discipline and precise, sacred dance movements, we pay homage to the temple dance lineages that comprise and inform MTD.  MTD supports and encourages to channel ancient energies through modern spiritual rituals.  This moving meditation develops sacred, active art for our modern world.

MTD is a deeply-immersive, safe discipline that combines Belly Dance movement; Classical Indian Temple Dance devotional philosophies; and Kalidasi’s unique rituals of healing and empowerment.  Each lineage is honored and each ritual focuses on expanding and refining the energetic and physical expression palette of each MTD practitioner. The outcome is learning to move through every arena of life with intention, focus, compassion, and power.

In this Modern Temple Dance Immersion you will learn to:
a sense of the healing purpose, and place, of sacred dance.
LEARN  nuances of Belly Dance, Classical Indian dance, and Mudric arts techniques.
ACTIVATE  your body through customized meditations and visualizations
DISCOVER  the bliss of MTD, a physical practice the feeds the energies into each dancer’s fully-embodied, soul-aligned, dance artistry.
CREATE  your personal, customized sacred dance practice which you’ll take home with you.