Elemental Dragon Reiki

If you are drawn to Dragon energy this may be the class for you. We will meet your personal dragon, learn how they are connected to the elements, the hand movements to activate the different elements and the healing stones a.k.a. dragon pearls associated with them. There are also two sets of symbols for accessing this powerful energy. We will also learn which internal organs, emotions and planets are associated with our dragons.

Crystal Healing & Ethereal Crystal Reiki

Join us as we have Mark Gerardi from luminous and Healthy presenting a workshop in Crystal Healing and Ethereal Crystal Reiki

Crystal Healing & Ethereal crystal Reiki
We will discuss…
• How to care for, charge and clear your stones before and after a session.
• How to create crystal healing grids, crystal elixirs.
• Finding and selecting natural stones and which stones are right for your healing practice.

Ethereal Crystal Reiki allows the practitioner to be able to place ethereal crystals within a client to assist with the healing process rather than having to have an actual stone on hand.
Attendees will receive a series three attunements linking them to the energy of 60 stones and a 45 page .pdf manual of all information covered in the class.

Kundalini Reiki

“Complete” Kundalini Reiki is a simple and effective spiritual healing and self-development tool! Kundalini Reiki is a different form of energy than traditional Usui Reiki. This is because it combines Reiki with the Kundalini Energy awakened through a series of 3 ‘attunements’ that allow the Kundalini Flame to travel from the root chakra in snake-like movements up the spine through all your chakras that it will clean and cleanse them.
While traditional Usui Reiki focuses on physical issues the Kundalini Reiki comes with other functions or energies that deal with emotional issues. They are Balance Reiki, Diamond Reiki, Crystalline Reiki, DNA Reiki, Birth Trauma Reiki, Location Reiki, Past Life Reiki, Gold Reiki. Each of these will be explained in detail. As a BONUS an additional series of hand positions and affirmations I channeled after taking this course twice will be included.

Kwan Yin’s Violet Flame Reiki

This workshop integrates two separate related classes into one. First is Violet Flame Reiki. The second is its gentler form, Lavender Flame Reiki. These two Reiki systems are strongly connected to the goddess Kwan Yin. Participants will learn to connect with this energy frequency that encompasses the range from Purple to Amethyst to Violet to Lavender in a number of ways and how to apply it to their Reiki healing tool box.
Included are the 40 symbols for Violet Flame Reiki, the 5 symbols for Lavender Flame Reiki, as well as Master attunements, certification and manuals for both. Must be level II Usui Reiki practitioner or have other healing experience.

Medicine Buddha Healing and Reiki

Some researches believe that Makao Usui was tapped into the energy of the Medicine Buddha when he channeled Reiki. Medicine Buddha Healing is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice that calls upon the powerful energies of the 7 Medicine Buddhas through the chanting of a mantra. Medicine Buddha Reiki utilizes this technique as well as sound healing, a series of mudra (hand gestures), visualizations, hands-on transmitting and extraction techniques and healing crystals. It is a very powerful and fairly rare modality.

Archangel Michael Healing (Level 1)

Connect directly with Archangel Michael energy for Healing and Protection. The techniques I will be teaching form a complete system and are ones that have been gifted to me in downloads/vision over a number of years. I utilized them in my healing work for a several years with remarkable results before I received a message that it was time to share them with others.
The class will include an activation/tune-in sequence, an attunement to the Angelic energy frequency and a specific Archangel Michael Healing Symbol, as well as a mantra/prayer for clearing and protection, discussion of crystals and crystal grids, techniques for soul retrieval/ cord cutting and much more.

This modality works hand in hand with Reiki, however, you do not need previous Reiki experience to receive this class. Those who already feel a closeness to Archangel Michael may feel a ‘Calling’ which they have been wondering how to activate and take to another level. If this resonates, you are encouraged to enroll in this opportunity.

Of all the many modalities that I have studied or teach this is one of the most powerful.

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