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Cornerstone | School of Healing Arts - Bhavana Spa in Freeport, Maine

Fall 2019 Classes:

Intro to Sound Healing:

Basic tools and techniques utilizing flute, drum, rattle, voice, singing bowls and bells. Their history of use and what they actually do physically.

Oct. 5th – 2hrs – $50

Intro to Crystal Healing:

This workshop shares things to consider when choosing stones, styles of application, how to make various grids, nets, arrays and where to place them. Which crystals to use to make elixirs and which not to. Plus so much more.

Oct 12th – 2hrs – $50

Intro to Shiatsu (part 1):

Basic Routine for the Back. Shiatsu literally translated means finger pressure. It is in essence acupressure massage. This workshop will include discussion and demonstration of techniques such as rocking, pressure, stretching and rotation as well as an introduction to the meridians and acupoints used.

Oct 19th – 3-4hrs – $110

Intro to Cupping:

A technique commonly utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this Cupping workshop will include a brief history of the modality, principles of how/why it works. Basic techniques for both static and sliding cups will be covered. Considerations for placement and pressure will also be discussed.

Oct 26th – 3-4hrs – $110

Intro to Medical Qigong:

For those unfamiliar with it, Qigong is one of the aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qigong is an easy to learn practice of self healing and cultivation. The Qi (energy) one develops can also be transmitted to help others. It is the model upon which Mikao Usui based Reiki.

Qigong can be utilized for either physical or emotional healing.

Nov 2nd – 3-4hrs – $110

Shamanic Reiki Level 1:

In this workshop you will learn some practical tools common to many shamanic traditions that you can add to your Reiki practice. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual healers path that acts as a bridge between our reality and the Spirit world. By calling on the power of nature, and the Spirit world Shamans are able to heal themselves, others and Nature. Topics include: Basic Energy Clearing techniques, How to Work with crystals and stones, How to connect with your spirit guides or power animals, Guided meditations and Shamanic journeying, and Sound Healing.

Nov 9th – 3-4hrs – $150

EFT – Tapping Your Full Potential:

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a modality that draws from other modalities such as acupuncture and (NLP) neurolinguistic programming to help with anxiety, phobias, chronic pain and emotional issues. This workshop will cover the basic understanding of how it works and cover the basic sequence of tapping points.

Nov 16th – 2-3hrs – $75

Hands on Feet: Intro to Reflexology

We can all acknowledge that a foot rub feels amazing. Learn why it does and how to perform one that is not only enjoyable but has the potential to heal a variety of physical issues. This workshop will cover various hands-on techniques and an introduction to the chart to easily identify the spots to work on.

Nov 23rd – 2-3hrs – $75